Located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, RKR Hess is the civil and environmental engineering division of UTRS. Through a tradition of excellence and integrity, RKR Hess provides a broad range of engineering and planning services to meet the needs of clients in both the public and private sectors.

RKR Hess - A division of UTRS


RKR Hess, a division of UTRS, has an 80-year history of providing the highest quality engineering consulting services to our clients. Our services range from dam inspections to storm water management plans to design and construction observation services for single family lots, residential developments and industrial facility design. These projects include single-family lots, residential developments, commercial land development sites, industrial facilities and public utility infrastructure. We take pride in our work and our ability to provide clients with solutions on time and within budget.

Our team of civil engineers develop practical solutions to meet the needs of each municipality and private-sector client in fields such as road and street design, bridge design and inspection, dam rehabilitation and inspection, building planning, construction observation, and permit applications.
Committed to the concept of stewardship and sustainability, our highly skilled staff uses their expertise to analyze regulations and design systems that meet human needs while protecting the environment.
We perform feasibility studies, conduct environmental compliance planning and audits, design systems to ensure compliance, and assist our clients with obtaining regulatory approvals and permits.
Our highly trained surveyors follow a three-step process for all boundary and topography work and maintain state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality results for each job including land surveys, title surveys, construction surveys, building alignments, municipal street utility easements, and right-of-way layouts.
Over the years, RKR Hess has compiled an impressive track record for successfully completing grant and loan funding applications for our clients including federal, state and local programs.
To assist in safeguarding against the hazards of flooding, we offer a multitude of levee engineering and levee certification services to owners of levees and other Flood Protection Projects including certification studies for Provisionally Accredited Levees to design and permitting of levee repairs and rehabilitation.


With an 80 year history of providing the highest quality engineering consulting services to both public and private sectors, RKR Hess has a tradition of excellence and integrity. Our cadre of professionals includes Professional Engineers, surveyors, land planners and environmental scientists. Together with UTRS, our professionals can provide the full gamut of engineering and planning services to meet all our clients’ needs.


At UTRS, nothing tells our story better than our projects. We are honored to work with a diverse set of clients and are proud of the results we produce on their behalf.

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