This year marks the 40th anniversary of Philadelphia’s annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run, which has drawn 40,000 participants in past years. UTRS employees have participated in the event for seven years running to raise funds for The Mission Continues—an organization that empowers our nation’s veterans to successfully transition back into life at home by redeploying their strengths and skills through community service fellowship programs and service platoons throughout the country.

UTRS is a technology and engineering firm that provides services and solutions to the Department of Defense and other government agencies. With many employees who are active-duty reservists or veterans themselves, supporting The Mission Continues foundation is an easy cause to rally behind.

Local fundraising for platoons across the country has been a key factor in the organization’s ability to raise awareness about its mission, recruit members, and mobilize monthly service projects to benefit the community. Projects such as mentoring at-risk youth, fighting to reduce inner-city childhood hunger, or striving to end veteran homelessness are just a few ways that The Mission Continues offers veterans, active-duty service members, and reservists the opportunity to band together for the greater good.

Through fundraisers like Team UTRS’s run in the Philadelphia Broad Street Run to support the organization, platoons are able to gain the awareness they need to help veterans succeed and the community flourish.

UTRS is excited to be able to support The Mission Continues’ growth efforts in South Jersey, and is eager to spread the word to area businesses.