UTRS celebrated Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day on Thursday, April 25, while also recognizing Earth Day. This annual event gives children a glimpse into their parents’ work day and allows them the opportunity to imagine life in the work force.

After a welcoming breakfast at UTRS, the children planted flowers around the 9/11 monument as part of our Earth Day tradition.

The children were given a brief overview of the company, discussed the core competencies that UTRS specializes in and were asked to draw pictures based on the work that we do. The easiest to understand concepts were bridge design and inventions.

Afterwards, children enjoyed a fun-filled game of Bingo called “Find A UTRS Employee Who…” which included seeking out an employee based on various clues. One example included, ‘who used to be a DJ?’.

The eventful day concluded with lunch and bowling. Thank you to all UTRS team members and children who participated! See you next year!