UTRS understands the need for effective government training processes. Knowledge of proper practices and procedures is essential for the safe, effective, and correct use of weapon systems in battlefield situations. A significant number of benefits can be derived from using virtual training environments (VTEs) to train our warfighter and support teams.


UTRS designs, develops, integrates and tests interactive software systems to create virtual maintenance and operational training environments. Our personnel develop simulators and emulators to support these environments, as well as virtual-reality applications used to train soldiers in the use and maintenance of fielded Army and other DOD equipment. These simulators and emulators are developed as software modules, and provide an effective and realistic training experience.

UTRS’s VTE process includes requirements definition, documentation, system development, coding, instructional design, 3D modeling, motion capture, and key-framed animation support
We create storyboards that break down training actions into steps, computerize the movements involved in executing the steps, add features, and produce video game-style software that provides a simulated performance of real-world activities
In our PC trainer products we develop interactive simulations of the digital fire control system (DFCS) tactical software that supports operation of weapon systems during missions carried out on the battlefield
In our single-person Maintenance Trainers, soldiers learn how to repair and troubleshoot mechanical problems within artillery units
With our multi-user Crew Trainers, soldiers learn how a crew works together to operate the weapon system in a 3D, collaborative learning environment
Our VTEs be easily upgraded for each new version of a weapon system which ensures that every time a new version is released our product does not become obsolete, allowing our training platforms to keep up with real-time demands while providing significant cost savings


Our VTE product development team has been at the forefront of designing and developing the software framework used in the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Center (DEVCOM) suite of virtual training products provided to the Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI). Our framework is the foundation on which all VTE products are based. We are currently working on the next generation of VTEs using virtual reality (VR) training complete with headsets and sensors. The VR training environments we are developing take virtual training to the next level, providing soldiers with even more realism and knowledge as they interact with simulated environments and actual movements.