The core of automated testing is to provide a highly mobile, rapidly deployable, reconfigurable test and repair capability for weapon systems to ensure their readiness to shoot, move, and communicate. UTRS specializes in system and life-cycle engineering support across the field of Automated Test Equipment (ATE), Test Program Sets (TPSs), and AT-System diagnostics/prognostic testing.


UTRS has over 20 years of unparalleled knowledge of automated testing through its performance of hundreds of legacy support and new development tasks for the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Center (DEVCOM) Armaments Center Automated Test Systems Division (ATSD). Our support ranges from research, requirements analysis, design, development, production and testing to documentation, fielding, training, updates and maintenance on hardware and software. We provide the following services:

Technical guidance on efficient ways to find solutions to TPS and AT-System testing
TPS new development support for LRUs and SRUs of major Army weapon systems
Development, design, and fabrication of new interface devices (IDs) and all of the printed circuit (PC) boards and cabling associated with each ID for use with TPSs
Sustainment-level (depot) TPSs for automated repair of line replaceable units (LRUs) and shop replaceable units (SRUs)
Fabrication and delivery of production TPS hardware and software to various field locations for use on Paladins, Abrams and Bradley tanks, and many other weapons systems; user training for initial fielding.
Development and maintenance of technical data packages (TDPs)
Preparation of drawings and materials, and technical support for digitization
Unit-level development of diagnostics testing requirements for AT-System (on-platform)
AT-System diagnostic test kits for fault isolation of failures in critical electronic systems such as computers, controllers, motors, laser range finders, and cameras that are preventing operation of the weapon systems during a mission
ATE support of self-contained, portable testing systems that can be used in harsh field environments to test, diagnose, and repair complex electronics
Technical support for units under test (UUTs), IDs, and test program application software
Design and maintenance of configuration management (CM) systems
Identification and documentation of the functional and physical characteristics of configuration items


The largest hurdle to rapid deployment of testing across platforms is that every weapon system and platform requires a unique TPS and, to date, its own hardware connections, which results in large-scale inefficiencies and higher costs to the government. UTRS is addressing this challenge through common interface connectivity and architecture. This will reduce time to the battlefield as well as risk and cost, and increase availability for field-level repairs. UTRS has the expertise to provide this support to any agency seeking a high level of readiness for its warfighter combat platforms.