UTRS has helped provide management and operational support to the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC), the congressionally mandated forum for technology transfer. Having served as the FLC’s Management Support Office (MSO) and Regional Support Office (RSO) contractors for the past 18 years, we fully understand the technology transfer field.


We’ve been teaching and promoting federal technology transfer (T2) since the 1990s. We have a deep understanding of the mechanisms and legislation supporting T2. We practice what we preach and have transferred technology from the laboratory to the marketplace ourselves, including a soil stabilization enzyme used in roads throughout Eastern Europe.

We have developed and maintained comprehensive technology transfer databases and tools for federal agencies to help technology transfer personnel choose the best approach to finding not only the right connections but, when found, identifying the mechanism that will achieve a transfer action rapidly
We conduct marketing campaigns, develop and host websites and databases containing information on federal labs and technology, and plan conferences and meetings in an effort to promote technology transfer
We have coordinated, managed, and maintained the FLC’s Technology Locator Services, which provides both electronic and personal assistance to requests from potential partners for available technologies in federal laboratories by determining the availability and location of pertinent technologies and facilities within the lab system
We have developed and implemented professional-quality training courses and training publications to provide technology transfer professionals with the knowledge required to successfully implement technology transfer


The goal of technology transfer is to sustain economic growth in the foreseeable future through the development and commercialization of new technologies. Federal technology transfer programs are intended to make the most of R&D and the expertise found in both government and nongovernment organizations. To help propel these initiatives, UTRS continues to create new tools and services to raise awareness of the critical technology transfer work that federal labs conduct.