UTRS develops custom software and application packages to provide a variety of solutions, including improved productivity, tracking critical information, and securing data, all created to meet our clients’ individualized needs and specifications.


UTRS develops software applications for a wide range of services, from digital fire control systems and virtual training environments to aviation safety tools and productivity applications.

Custom designed and developed software applications for a variety of services, including ‘N’ tiered client server applications, web services, custom controls, and libraries
Utilize certificates, Captcha, MD5 encryption, HTTPS, and SSL to provide secure environments for web applications
Designed, developed, deployed, and currently maintain a set of cloud-based software tools for commercial aviation safety as well as for military flight operational quality assurance
Design and develop software for automated testing, including test program sets, hardware interfaces, and virtual training programs for a wide range of weapons systems and platforms
Designed, developed, deployed and currently maintain a large-scale web-based software application for the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, which integrates high level web scraping technology to pull unstructured data from existing websites into a structured database and utilizes SOLR search technology for data users to obtain comprehensive search results
Design and develop mission-related software for weapon systems and combat vehicles such as crew controls and displays, position location, navigation, gun tube laying aids, and system command and control functions, as well as digital communications, power supply, and power management


A key difference in the UTRS Team’s approach to software development is its knowledge of network assurance and cybersecurity concerns, which creates significant efficiencies in the front-end requirements and design phase of development. Our software systems are built with DoD and ARDEC standards at the forefront, not in reverse, thus saving time and money. We also are comfortable in both traditional waterfall and agile development methodologies, and well-versed in CMMI Level 5 standards, having helped the Armament Software Engineering Center (ASEC) achieve this lofty certification.