UTRS's Latest TerraZyme® Project in Hungary

Last month, UTRS supported the construction of a haul road near the Ukrainian border, in a town called Tunyogmatolcsi, with the application of TerraZyme®, a soil stabilization enzyme product. While this certainly is not the first road project in Hungary that was completed using the enzyme, it is the most recent in a series of upcoming projects set to lay ground over the next few weeks. Below are pictures showing the engineering and construction process for the completed haul road, our latest project in Hungary.

First introduced to the Hungarian market in 2003 through UTRS Hungary, our European affiliate office, TerraZyme® is an easy-to-use, all-natural, nontoxic liquid enzyme that has been proven to improve, strengthen, and stabilize the engineering qualities of various soil types. When combined with the soil, TerraZyme® creates a longer lasting and more stable foundation on which to build roads. It is also an extremely cost-effective way to construct both unpaved and paved roads. UTRS has sold TerraZyme® and assisted with road construction for many projects throughout Eastern Europe, including Lithuania, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia and Bulgaria, in the past.

To check out more detailed specifics about how TerraZyme® works and is applied, visit the official TerraZyme® website at For more information about UTRS projects abroad or to purchase TerraZyme®, visit

Top row, left: road prior to construction; top row, right: loosening soil for surface preparation and addition of clay to soil mixture; row 2, left: spraying road with TerraZyme® water mixture; row 2, right: grader shaping the road surface; row 3, left: compacting the road surface; row 3, right: road after load-bearing testing and surfacing completed; bottom row, left: trucks off to haul!