UTRS’s administrative professionals go beyond traditional admin tasks of transcribing, sending documents and scheduling meetings. With a business culture that embraces creative thinking and encourages continued education and growth, UTRS looks to the most “hands-on” level of its workforce for innovative solutions to organizational challenges.


Without competent, professional administrative and financial support, an organization's efficiency and cost-effectiveness become impossible. Our approach to providing this support is to treat it the same as we do all programmatic efforts. Our administrative and finance personnel conduct requirements analysis, design plans and processes to meet the requirements, and meet with our program managers to ensure quality across the work product.

Our administrative support covers security, logistics, scheduling, briefings, records management, and training
We track and locate assets through technology such as bar-code or radio-frequency identification to provide improved real-time visibility and utilization of assets, right-sized inventory, and increased operational efficiency
Our personnel are proficient with asset management software such as the Maximo database, as well as performing data asset management using Microsoft SharePoint
We coordinate shipping and receiving, maintain and update inventory tracking systems, create and update building files, and distribute and inventory new equipment
We have extensive experience providing building management support, including entry point services that meet security requirements
We have proven experience purchasing hardware, software, office supplies and other items per Government requirements
UTRS has a robust, in-house team of graphic designers, media specialists, writers, editors, researchers and analysts, all experienced in providing administrative, marketing, and communications efforts to further our clients’ missions
UTRS’s financial support services include accounting, budget analysis, financial reporting, and business intelligence
We have in-depth expertise in cost analysis and cost estimating, following all the directives in DoD 5000.4M and related handbooks and guidance
We currently support the Managerial Division of the Financial Management Office (FMO), performing a variety of duties within the official financial system, Standard Operations Maintenance Army Research Development System (SOMARDS)
Our experience extends to use of the Supply Resource Management (SRM), Materials Management (MM), Finance and Costing (FI & CO), Funds Management (FM), and Project Systems (PS)
We are experienced in the use of the Impac credit card program within the Army’s Customer Automation & Reporting Environment (C.A.R.E) and the Stanfins Redesign Data (SRD) system
We provide full-scale financial management for the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program, which provides accreditation to testing and calibration labs worldwide


UTRS administrators are actually logistical managers who shoulder most of the responsibility for running programs within the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Center (DEVCOM) Armaments Center. Our Administrative Support Team is the “face” of CCDC during visits from various dignitaries, including the Army Secretary General and Army Chief of Staff.