When it comes to data, UTRS thinks big. We’ve designed open-source platforms that are flexible, scalable systems built in the cloud to allow for increased processing throughput in response to surges in new data. Our team includes data architects who are experts in Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure and big data as well as skilled programmers, system administrators, and cyber security experts.


UTRS designs, develops, deploys, and maintains cloud-based software tools that gather, process and analyze large amounts of data in real-time. These tools crunch terabytes of data to deliver clear, actionable reporting on multiple analytics fronts.

Our systems crunch terabytes of data, with elasticity and scalability of the cloud, to quickly provide reports for review and government analysis
Our government solutions use open source and open architecture and are built as secure, web-based systems to facilitate the collection, analysis, and visualization of large quantities of data
Our systems perform trend analysis and triggered event notification to ensure data analysis is embedded in our solutions and can de-identify data for anonymous reporting and analysis
We take data sets and incorporate Business Information (BI) tools to make the data interactive and easier to consume by the end user
Our systems can support large scale use on any platform; one of our solutions currently has over 1,000,000 users across the globe
For one of our US Air Force systems, we obtained DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP), the first-ever system to receive an Authorization to Operate (ATO) for AWS from the USAF


By leveraging the vast and highly scalable capabilities of AWS, our cloud solution engineers are poised to take our expertise into new markets requiring data warehousing, processing, reporting, and analysis. We will continue to deploy these services while providing industry-leading security, including National Security Agency’s (NSA) Commercial National Security Algorithm Suite encryption for both data-in-transit and data-at-rest.