Corporate Social Responsibility

UTRS CEO Mentors Youth

For the past five years, CEO Jerry Wright has been involved with Wister Townhouses Youth Mentoring, an enrichment program in Philadelphia that offers structure and responsibility to 15 girls and 15 boys ages 7-13. The program works to build and restore self-confidence and self-value by using mentors from all walks of life to communicate the tools needed to become productive children and young adults.

Jerry has given several motivational speeches to children in the program over the years. He has shared his story of success, respect for himself and others, and why his education was so important. "Keeping our youth engaged in positive programs to benefit their self-esteem and education is necessary to build a better future", said Jerry.

The program at the Wister Townhouses runs for six weeks every summer. The children's schedule consists of picking up litter, an enrichment program that consists of sharing time in the computer lab; homework assignments in math, reading, and science; and tutoring sessions and time with mentors, where they obtain valuable life skills. The children are given a weekly stipend for the chores they perform and any other tasks assigned to them. They take field trips and have a banquet where they receive certificates of completion of participation, back-to-school packages, and rewards for attendance and performance.

UTRS recently made a donation to the program's Media Day.