Corporate Social Responsibility

UTRS Supports EIRC

The Educational Information & Resource Center (EIRC) is a nonprofit agency that specializes in education-related programs and services for parents, schools, communities and nonprofit organizations. The agency reaches into more than 36 states and 20 foreign countries. EIRC offers many resources under one roof, ranging from gifted and special education services to creative problem-solving, and from nationally validated programs in science and mathematics to early childhood education and child assault prevention.

Each year, the EIRC and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) hold the Careers in Aviation Academy. Events include tours, lectures, individual flight lessons, and hands-on opportunities. Participants learn more about careers in aviation and the key role air transportation plays in improving the economic and social life of all Americans.

UTRS understands the importance of careers in aviation, and is proud to have sponsored the Careers in Aviation Academy for the past three years.