UTRS Aviation Safety Team Member Presents Flag to UTRS

Updated below, 7/18/2012

In recognition of UTRS as a patriotic employer, Joe Oliphant, a member of our aviation safety group, had a flag flown aboard a C-130 aircraft while on combat missions over Afghanistan.   Joe presented the flag on Thursday, May 24, 2012 to UTRS in a small ceremony in the office.  The flag was placed in a commemorative case flanked with two coins representing the C130 mechanics squadron and the C130 flying squadron of which Joe was second-in-command.

A Taste of Home
Joe Oliphant presents the flag to Jerry Wright, CEO.

In 2011, Joe was deployed for three months to Afghanistan. Typically, service members are given up to six months to prepare for their deployment—but due to urgency of the mission, Joe was given only 20 days’ notice.  When he heard of this deployment, Joe immediately contacted his supervisor, Bill Krouse, who was nothing but supportive and willing to help.   Joe stated, “While abroad, I realized how lucky I was to have such a supportive employer.  My fellow soldiers were worrying and talking about their full time jobs back home, and I knew that upon returning everything would be waiting for me.  Bill regularly checked in with me while I was on duty, just to see how I was doing, and how my wife Beth was holding up and if there was anything he could do.”

UTRS is committed to supporting our staff members who are active members of the US armed forces. Joe’s presentation has reinforced the importance of this policy and a corporate culture that truly understands the sacrifices and challenges of our active-duty employees.  To show our sincere gratitude to Joe for his service and this kind act, we will be making a $2,000 donation to a charity of Joe’s choice in his name.


Joe has selected Delaware Boots on the Ground as the charity to receive a $2000 donation in his name. Delaware Boots on the Ground encourages and assists military members and families during deployment and peacetime by matching services to needs.

In explaining why this charity means a lot to him, Joe said "Each time I deployed they were there giving out some supplies and the last couple of deployments someone gave my wife support after I left." UTRS is pleased to be contributing to the support of this organization that in turn supports our heroes and their families. You can learn more about Delaware Boots on the Ground or make your own donation at