UTRS Runs the the Broad Street Run to Support The Mission Continues

UTRS runs the Broad Street Run for The Mission ContinuesUTRS is sponsoring a team for the 2012 Broad Street Run 10-miler on May 6 in Philadelphia.  The UTRS team is raising money for The Mission Continues, a national nonprofit founded by Eric Greitens that challenges post-9/11 veterans to rebuild a sense of purpose through community service. Greitens, a Navy SEAL, award-winning author, humanitarian and Rhodes Scholar, is transforming how our country views veterans.

Considering that we have a large staff of veterans and active-duty military personnel and that many of us work directly supporting our warfighters, we are excited to be collaborating with a nonprofit that is both creative and successful in its aid to our country’s veterans.  What sets The Mission Continues apart is that it does not offer charity; it challenges returning service members to use their skills and leadership to continue serving our country at home. Through this service, veterans find renewed strength and purpose while building stronger communities. The mission is fueled by a deep belief that our veterans are valuable assets and are poised to become the next greatest generation.

In addition to fundraising efforts, UTRS is excited about all of our participants, many of whom have begun sharing training schedules and planning group running events.  Some people are returning to the Broad Street Run, while others are running their first 10-miler.

UTRS runs the Broad Street Run for The Mission Continues

Please support UTRS runners as we race for The Mission Continues

Donate to The Mission Continues through the UTRS event site at  Every donation can help a veteran return home with a sense of purpose.  After you donate, we will keep you up-to-date regarding associated fundraising events and how UTRS is doing in its fundraising efforts.

Want to join us in our run?

All runners are welcome!  If you’d like to join us, register at and check your inbox for updates, training schedules, advice, and group runs.

Please note that registration for the 2012 Broad Street Run opens (and sells out quickly) February 15.  Registration information will be forthcoming for those who sign up.  Please let us know ASAP if you want to run.

For more information, contact Helene McElroy at 856-667-6770, ext. 172, or